Electronic thermostat


Control system

The anti-freeze electronic thermostat protects the compressor by cutting it off before the evaporator freezes.

The temperature cut-off settings are adjustable. The thermostat incorporates a relay that can directly switch the power of a compressor clutch.


Height Width Length
61 mm30 mm30 mm


PIN Last name
1 CTN 10K thermistor
2 Relay shared contact
3 CTN 10K thermistor
4 Supply +V
5 Relay normally closed contact
6 Earth -V
7 Reserved
8 Relay normally open contact
9 Reserved
Thermost électronique - schémas de câblage


The thermostat is adjusted after removing the protective cap. Simply begin by adjusting the cut-off setpoint and then adjust the activation setpoint. Screwing in increases the temperature, unscrewing decreases it.

Thermost électronique - schémas de réglage

Cut Out = cut off

Cut in = activate


  • Unit: PA66 - GF30
  • Cap: PA66 - GF30
  • Contacts: CuZn37F37
Description Voltage Min. temperature Max. temperature Consumption References
Electronic thermostat 12 V -40°C +85°C 0.5 A 265A73
Electronic thermostat 24 V -40°C +85°C 0.5 A 265A74
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