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Thermal comfort and air quality

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SNDC is specialized in air treatment. In fact, the air we breathe and the comfort that surrounds us are more and more important for each of us, whether in our homes or our workplace: it is a health and wellbeing issue. In the cockpit of an agricultural machine, a construction machinery or a industrial vehicle, beyond the comfort and well-being that aspires a driver, two critical factors are involved:


  • Health, through its long-term consequences from exposure to dust, pollution and toxic products (spreading and spraying)
  • Safety, linked to operator fatigue after several hours in an un-air-conditioned cabin


Designed to be easy to use, the air conditioning system is no less complex. It implements a wide range of technical skills and standards

Thermal comfort and air quality

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Thermal Comfort Air temperature
control in the cabin

Comfortable air
blowing and

ISO 10263
ISO 14269

Test methods and criteria to assess the environment in the operator enclosure (Heavy-construction and Agricultural machinery)
Heating Heating
Dégivrage Defrosting and demisting
Air quality Protection against dust, pollen and toxic products

Air renewal
Ventilation Ventilation Standards

EN 15695
Operator protection against hazardous substances

ISO 3737
Test method for Pressurisation systems
Filtration Filtration
Pressurisation Pressurisation