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Test Resources

SNDC has test means to validate the efficiency of its air-conditioning and heating systems.

HVAC Tests

Heating tests

SNDC HAVC test room can accommodate agricultural machinery, construction machinery and large vehicles to achieve performance tests in accordance with the applicable standards and the customer's specifications.

This test room can reproduce external temperatures up to 55 ° as well as solar radiation conditions of every geographic area on earth. Moreover, test room is equipped so that humidity rate can be monitored when running tests.


Heating and Defrosting

freezing pipes defrosting cabin

A test room reproducing temperatures down to -30 ° C permits to validate the performance of the heating system and window’s defrosting speed and quality.

The tests are carried out on the cab fitted with the heating system and coupled to a thermal generator which supplies coolant fluid from the vehicle’s engine and reproduces its temperature rise curve.




TThermographic measurements carried out on the cabin allow the inclusion of heat sources in the thermal model. This happens, for example, when a wall is heated by the engine compartment of the vehicle and acts as a heat source in the cabin.

A thermographic assessment of the cab permits to detect thermal bridges, heat leaks and diverse insulation defects. SNDC issues suggestions to improve the insulation of the cabin, thereby, contributing to the optimization of the design of the HVAC system and reducing its energy consumption and cost.

Qualification of components

checking validation

SNDC uses a climatic chamber to qualify, at extreme temperatures, air-conditioning system components.

It can accommodate large components (up to 1.1 m x 90 cm x 94 cm), covers a temperature range of -30°C to +180°C and can perform functional tests.