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Temperature controller

SNDC’s temperature controller is adapted to work in harsh environments on agricultural machinery, construction equipment and utility vehicles. Its features allow it to monitor and automatically control the temperature in the cabin and the level of ventilation and fresh air renewal manually.


Display panel and functions

The display panel provides the following information:

Functions of temperature controller


    - Cabin temperature
    - Set temperature
    - Ventilation speed
    - Position of the air renewal flap
    - Error codes






Temperature controller 12 V: Reference 273C46

Functions of temperature controller



1. On / Off

2. Reducing the cab temperature

3. Increasing the cab temperature

4. Display

5. Increasing ventilation speed

6. Increase the requested ventilation speed

7. Open / Close the air renewal flap

Technical specifications

  • Panel dimensions: 45x60 mm
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • Electric connector: 6 et 8 channels
  • Power consumption: 18W
  • Electric fuse: 3A


All accessories, sensors and actuators, adapted to each configuration are available as standard. The installation allows an outcrop of the interior trim, without exceeding the cabin.

Options :

  • Heater valve 12 V: Part Number 370D14
  • Temperature sensor: Part Number 273C49
  • Motor fan the air flap12V: Part Number 262A08