Complete solution

The complete SPLIT solution includes an evaporator from the BORA range, a condenser from the ALIZE Slimline range and all accessories for the refrigeration and electrical circuits.

The complete SPLIT solution offers easy adaptation in multiple configurations. It is ideally suited to harsh environments.


KIT SplitKIT Split
part number--
voltage12 V24 V
cooling power5.5 KW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.5.5 KW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.
airflow600 m³/h600 m³/h
positionWall - horizontalWall - horizontal
complete solution
outputHorizontal or verticalHorizontal or vertical
vehicles Farm equipment, Public works machinery, Handling machinery

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The complete SPLIT kit includes:

- An evaporator from the BORA range (Models 6 to 9)
- A horizontal condenser from the ALIZE Slimline range
- The SANDEN SD7H15 compressor, its support and hardware
- Condensate flow pipes
- Electrical harness
- Refrigerant hoses

- It can be used with refrigerants R134a, or R1234yf on request.

Business sector

Particularly suitable for the cabins of agricultural machinery, handling equipment and industrial vehicles.

Technical qualifications

The evaporators of the BORA range and the condensers of the ALIZE Slimline range have been extensively tested under the harshest operating conditions. Each evaporator of the BORA range and each condenser of the ALIZE Slimline range is subjected to a control to guarantee its performance over time.

Our SPLIT are guaranteed for 2 years

Warranty does not cover consumable or wear parts or damage resulting from improper use of the range, especially in the following cases:

  • Use in an abnormally humid environment
  • Use in a high salinity environment
  • Use in a highly acidic environment
  • High pressure cleaning and/or use of detergents