Complete equipment

This complete SPLIT HD equipment is composed of 2 autonomous units (an evaporator and a condenser) that offer multiple installation possibilities depending on the configuration of the machine.

Thanks to the autonomous condenser unit, this equipment adapts very well to the most difficult environments such as mining operations.

SPLIT HD equipment, a complete kit

Consisting of the ALIZE 10+ stand-alone condenser and an evaporator from the BORA range, the complete SPLIT HD equipment can be adapted to most vehicles and machines.

We have studied for you this equipment to meet your environmental work requirements. In particular, the ALIZE 10+ autonomous condenser, positioned horizontally outside the cabin, is designed to operate in difficult conditions, for example mining operations.

The units of the complete equipment SPLIT HD

Thanks to its high airflow and powerful blowers, the ALIZE 10+ independent condenser provides a homogeneous air distribution and a high cooling capacity.

Fully operational in air recirculation, BORA evaporators are equipped with dust filtration, a BP safety pressure switch and a control panel. They fit easily inside the cabin (on the ceiling, between the seat or on the floor).

For the installation of the evaporator and the condenser as well as for the attachment of the compressor on the motor it is necessary to carry out welding and drilling operations.

Activity area

The complete SPLIT HD equipment is particularly suitable for the following sectors:
- Mining
- Agriculture
- Construction and public works
- Handling, lifting and logistics
- Viticulture
- Highways
- Airports
- Military
- ...

A complete range

The complete SPLIT HD equipment is available in several versions:
- 12V equipment,
- 24V equipment.

Our range SPLIT HD has a 2-year warranty

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect operation of the BORA, especially in the following situations SPLIT HD, en particulier dans les cas suivants :

  • Operation in wet environments
  • Operation in a high salinity environment
  • Operation in a high acidity environment
  • High-pressure washing and/or use of detergents

The SPLIT HD KIT, mining operations, is very adaptable.


12 V or 24 V


Wall - horizontal

Air flow:

600 m3/h

Cooling capacity:

5.5 kW (+43°C 50% HUMID.)


Outlet: vertical or horizontal

Kit contents

BORA evaporator 6 to 9 1
ALIZE 10+ horizontal condenser 1
Standard compressor mounting 1
Compressor mounting kit 1
Flow pipe Ø 10 x 14 (per metre) 5
Electrical harness kit 1
Hose kit 1
SANDEN SD7H15 compressor 1

Size of BORA

Size of BORA

Size of ALIZE 10 or 10+

Size of ALIZE 10 or 10+

Hydraulic drive compressor

The hydraulic option is available on this equipment. The compressor can then be positioned away from the engine compartment of the vehicle. It will only remain to make the connections using two hoses.

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