Electric air conditioning

SKIMO SPLIT is an electric air conditioner in two parts, connected to each other via a refrigeration connection. SKIMO SPLIT is designed for machines with limited space in the cabin and engine compartment.

High performance, compact and adaptable to most machines. SKIMO SPLIT does not require a compressor to be fitted on the motor. The connection between the two parts (exterior and interior) is through flexible refrigerant connections of the desired size. The refrigerant load is provided by the fitter.


ref. air-conditioning only320B19320B20320B06320B05
ref. air-conditioning/heating320B52320B54320B51320B81
voltage80 V80 V24 V12 V
cabin volume3 m³3 m³3 m³3 m³
external operating temperature (air conditioning)45 °C45 °C43 °C43 °C
cooling power2.9 W, 31 °C, 50% HUMID.2.9 W, 31 °C, 50% HUMID.2.9 W, 31 °C, 50% HUMID.2.9 W, 31 °C, 50% HUMID.
consumption (air conditioning)14 A / 80 V - 6 A / 24 V14 A / 80 V - 12 A / 12 V40 A80 A
external operating temperature (heating)-10 °C-10 °C-10 °C-10 °C
heating power2 KW, -10 °C2 KW, -10 °C1.4KW, -10°C2 KW, -10 °C
consumption (heating)14 A / 80 V - 6 A / 24 V14 A / 80 V - 12 A / 12 V45 A85 A
filtrationDust - Recycled indoor airDust - Recycled indoor airDust - Recycled indoor airDust - Recycled indoor air
weight30 + 10 kg30 + 10 kg30 + 10 kg30 + 10 kg
airflow530 m³/h530 m³/h530 m³/h510 m³/h
roof cuttingNoNoNoNo
positionHorizontal - verticalHorizontal - verticalHorizontal - verticalHorizontal - vertical
version5 diffusers5 diffusers5 diffusers5 diffusers
power1264 W1264 W960 W960 W
pressure switchBinaryBinaryBinaryBinary
vehicles Utility and industrial vehicles

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The split system

SKIMO SPLIT has been designed with the advantages of electric technology while offering the multiple integration possibilities of a split system. Compact and efficient, it is particularly suitable for machines and vehicles whose cabin size and engine configuration do not allow the installation of conventional air conditioning.

Business sectors

SKIMO SPLIT air conditioners are particularly suitable for the following sectors Agriculture, Green areas, Viticulture, Construction and Public Works, Roads, Airports.

Technical tests and trials

Before its commercialization, the SKIMO SPLIT air conditioner has been subjected to various tests and trials reproducing its conditions of use in order to validate its performance.

Our SKIMO SPLIT are guaranteed for 2 years

Warranty does not cover consumable or wear parts or damage resulting from improper use of the range, especially in the following cases:

  • Use in an abnormally humid environment
  • Use in a high salinity environment
  • Use in a highly acidic environment
  • High pressure cleaning and/or use of detergents