Gamme SKIMO SPLIT Plus, les climatiseurs électriques


SKIMO Split Plus

Electrical air conditioner

The SKIMO is an electrical air conditioner designed for machines with little free space available inside the cab or in the engine compartment.

High-performance, compact, easy to install and can be adapted to suit most machines. The SKIMO electrical air conditioner does not require a compressor to be fitted on the vehicle engine.


Height Width Length
41 cm15 cm37 cm

SKIMO SPLIT Plus is the ideal solution to provide air conditioning in machines and vehicles where the cab size and engine configuration makes it difficult to install a conventional air conditioning system with a compressor driven by an engine belt.

The SKIMO SPLIT Plus is available in several voltages: 24 V or 48 V.

The SKIMO SPLIT Plus has a 2-year warranty

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect operation of the SKIMO SPLIT Plus, especially in the following situations:

  • Operation in wet environments
  • Operation in a high salinity environment
  • Operation in a high acidity environment
  • High-pressure washing and/or use of detergents
  • Consumable components or components considered as wear and tear parts

Tests and technical trials

Before its introduction to the market, the SKIMO SPLIT Plus air conditioner has undergone various tests and trials reproducing its operating conditions to validate its performance.

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Small footprint

SKIMO SPLIT Plus retains a small footprint (same size as the standard model) whilst offering a higher range of operating temperatures

  • Condenser/compressor assembly dimensions: length: 69 cm, width: 42 cm, height: 20 cm
  • Evaporator unit dimensions: length: 37 cm, width: 15 cm, height: 41 cm
Ext. operating temperature Cooling capacity Consumption Ext. operating temperature Heating capacity Consumption Air con Heating and Air con
SKIMO SPLIT Plus 24V 4 m3 +55°C 3.5 KW at +35°C 90 A -10°C 2 kW 62 A 320B25320B67
SKIMO SPLIT Plus 48V / 24V 4 m3 +45°C 3.5 kW (+35°C 50% HUMID.) 6 A -> 24 V
27 A -> 48 V
-10°C 2 kW 30 A 320B60320B62

Test conditions

The SNDC test chamber reproduces the outside temperature and sunshine. SKIMO has been tested at 3 temperature levels for a cab volume of 2.5 m3:

The SKIMO air conditioning system only starts up after the temperature inside the test booth chamber has stabilised. Throughout the tests, the cab is exposed to simulated average solar energy of 800W / m2 measured by pyranometer. The air conditioning system is supplied with direct current.

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Electrical protection

The SKIMO SPLIT Plus air conditioner is equipped with 7 safety devices as standard

Device SKIMO SPLIT Plus 24 V SKIMO SPLIT Plus 48 V/24 V Additional
Power on 20 V 36 V Below these values, a safety device will automatically cut off the system
Overvoltage 32 V 62 V Above these values, a safety device will automatically cut off the system
Overheating In the event of engine overheating, the system will be cut off and restarting will only be permitted once the temperature has returned to normal.
High consumption Abnormal consumption of a an air conditioner in the SKIMO PLUS range will activate the automatic safety cut-off device.
Overpressure or under load Air conditioners in the SKIMO SPLIT Plus range are equipped with a pressure switch which protects the system in the event of abnormally high overload or lack of refrigerant.
Compressor safety The compressor is equipped with a safety valve which protects the system in the event of pressure switch failure.
Machine safety Air conditioners in the SKIMO SPLIT Plus range are equipped with a safety device which "deactivates" the air conditioner if the cover is opened.
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