Compact unit air conditioner

SKIMO MD monobloc air conditioners easily adapt to roofs of all types of cabins. Compact, these air conditioners provide an ideal solution for cabins with little indoor space.

Integrating most of the components of an air conditioning system, the SKIMO MDs are simply coupled to a compressor via two hoses.

The range of SKIMO MD monobloc air conditioners

The monobloc air conditioners in the SKIMO MD range combine small footprint with performance. Because of its small size, this range fits even forklift type vehicles. Moreover its coupling with the compressor driven by the engine optimizes its cooling capacity.

A range of air conditioners adapted to cabins

SKIMO MD monobloc air conditioners are a quick and easy installation solution.

SKIMO MD air conditioners are also cantilevered, allowing optimized adaptation for all types of vehicles.

Activity area

SKIMO ® monobloc air conditioners are particularly suitable for the following sectors:
- Agriculture
- Building and civil engineering
- Handling, lifting and logistics
- Mining
- Viticulture
- Highways
- Airports
- Forestry
- Military
- ...

A complete range

The range of SKIMO MD monobloc air conditioners comes in several versions:
- 12V air conditioner,
- 24V air conditioner.

Our range SKIMO MD has a 2-year warranty

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect operation of the BORA, especially in the following situationsSKIMO MD, en particulier dans les cas suivants :

  • Operation in wet environments
  • Operation in a high salinity environment
  • Operation in a high acidity environment
  • High-pressure washing and/or use of detergents
Model Voltage electrical power cooling capacity air flow weight pressure switch REFERENCE
Air con
SKIMO MD 12 V 220 W 4 KW (+43°C 50% HUMID.) 510 m3/h 20 Kg BINARY 320B15
SKIMO MD 24 V 230 W 4 KW (+43°C 50% HUMID.) 530 m3/h 20 Kg BINARY 320B16

Size of SKIMO MD

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