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Why a new service station for R134a ?

The service station is an important tool in any activity related to air conditioning. The charging station proves to be essential, when it comes to handling the refrigerant gas. Specialist workshop, auto center or traditional garage with gas recharging business and a itinerant workshop for on-site service for agricultural equipment, HGV and personal cars... all are using a service station.

For many years, SNDC ECOCLIM uses, markets, inspects and troubleshoots most models of stations on the market.

This hands-on experience has highlighted the advantages of such a model or disadvantages of such others, but also the difficulties (sometimes chronic) or without satisfactory solutions. Not always the best ergonomics, fragile over time, difficulty finding the right person with perfect knowledge of the model are as many elements that led SNDC ECOCLIM to develop a new model of service station for the R134a.

Coming soon for the R1234yf

The ECOCLIM AC134 station will be marketed in spring 2014. It is naturally equipped to handle R134a gas. It will be quickly followed by a version for R1234yf refrigerant gas.

la centrale ecoclim ac134