Temperature controller


Control system

SNDC temperature controllers are adapted for agricultural machines, construction vehicles and utility vehicles operating in harsh environments. Its functions enable it to control and automatically manage the temperature inside the cab


Height Width Length
40 mm45 mm60 mm

Display panel and functions

The display panel provides the following information :

  • Temperature inside cab
  • Temperature setpoint
  • Blower level
  • Clean or recirculated air
  • Error codes
Description Voltage Type of connection Speed Min. temp Max. temp Protection index Consumption Electrical protection Electrical connector References
Temperature controller 12 V - 24 V HEATING & AIR COND 3 -40°C +85°C IP30 18 A 3 6 & 8 TRACKS 273C46

12 V heater solenoid

Reference 370D14

Electrovanne de chauffage 12 V

Temperature sensor

Reference 273C49

Sonde de température

12 V clean air motor

Reference 262A08

Moteur d\'air neuf 12V
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