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Participation in EQUIP'AUTO ON TOUR Tou ...

2021-09-16 by

SNDC is pleased to announce its participation in EQUIP'AUTO ON TOUR 20 ...

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ECOCLIM ensures recycling and rechargin ...

2021-07-01 by FROID NEWS

A major player in the vehicle air conditioning market for over 35 year ...

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Air conditioning: SNDC Ecoclim makes a global offer

SNDC and its Ecoclim network launched in 2014 in the manufacture of 100% French air conditioning charging stations. In addition to products, the company also offers services, training and specialized software in fluid management. A key player in air conditioning in France for some thirty years, SNDC and its Ecoclim network decided to launch a range of vehicle air conditioning charging stations on the market in 2014. Designed and manufactured by the company on its Toulouse site, it currently includes 3 models that meet current regulations: AC134: Automatic control unit for R134a. AC1234: Automatic control unit for the 1234yf. HANDY: “Nomadic” semi-automatic control unit, for R134a. SNDC: the guarantee of an efficient service If SNDC Ecoclim is now known for these “made in France” products, the structure also offers service. Thus, "the support of technicians and the monitoring of power plants constitute a major asset of this range. Delivery, handling, maintenance, hot line and after-sales service are provided by SNDC Ecoclim specialists ”. Better yet, it is also possible to train with them in order to obtain a certificate of competence. Indeed, to work on the air conditioning of vehicles, agricultural or public works machinery, etc., the technician must hold an appropriate certification. In this context, SNDC Ecoclim offers two training courses: one preparatory to the aptitude test and the other training in air conditioning. These trainings thus learn to master the techniques for performing diagnostic and repair operations on air conditioning systems. Trace all movements of refrigerants SNDC Ecoclim also offers professionals refrigerant management software that complies with current legislation. In fact, current regulations require professionals working on air conditioning systems to edit intervention documents, to trace all movements of refrigerants and to be audited on site for the certificate of capacity. To help them, Ecoclim Fluides ensures the management and monitoring of refrigerants by allowing the registration of operators to whom the fluids are transferred, the registration of assessed and authorized technicians, the registration of tools, customers and equipment and management of refrigerants and stocks: R 134a, R 404, R 1234yf, etc. Ecoclim Fluides of course allows you to edit and archive the intervention sheets and Cerfa, the mandatory annual declaration of refrigerant movements and the obligatory annual declarations of purchases and sales of refrigerants.

A Labarthais entrepreneur with Carole Delga

Here in Labarthe sur Lèze, Jean-Marc Guittard, Chairman and CEO of SNDC (an innovative company located in the Agries area which designs and manufactures air conditioning systems), has chosen, like more than 400 economic players, to support Carole De ...

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RF404 & RF452 central units

They recycle and reinject the refrigerant in the groups ...

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Choose your resort according to your activity

Bodybuilders are often called upon to repair, at least in part, the air conditioning circuits, in particular during front impacts. lis can also offer air conditioning recharging to many other customers and thus diversify their activity and their sour ...

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ECOCLIM recycles fluids R404A and R452A in short circuit

SNDC designs and assembles 100% of its productions in the Toulouse metropolitan area. Thanks to its experience, SNDC has developed a range of tools dedicated to short circuit recycling of R404A and R452A refrigerants, used by the refrigerated transpo ...

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Christmas and New Year

SNDC wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
We will be closed from December 19, 2020 to January 3, 2021 ...

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