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Participation in EQUIP'AUTO ON TOUR Tou ...

2021-09-16 by

SNDC is pleased to announce its participation in EQUIP'AUTO ON TOUR 20 ...

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ECOCLIM ensures recycling and rechargin ...

2021-07-01 by FROID NEWS

A major player in the vehicle air conditioning market for over 35 year ...

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Launch of an autonomous electric air conditioner: SKIMO

The SKIMO electric air conditioner entered service in June 2009 with deliveries to the first customers who were able to appreciate its ease of assembly and good cooling performance. Last February, SNDC ECOCLIM presented to SIMA its new fully electric ...

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Sndc Ecoclim: training for vehicle air conditioning specialists

For professionals in the maintenance and repair of vehicle air conditioning systems, it is not always easy to understand the new regulations on the handling of refrigerants and the new obligations they entail. - A website to get a clearer pic ...

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