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SNDC Labarthe sur Lèze FRANCELocated in the region of Toulouse since 1986, SNDC designs and supplies solutions for air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, air filtration and Pressurisation systems for cabs for agricultural equipment, public work vehicles, industrial and utility vehicles.


Specialised in mobile air-conditioning, SNDC deals with the issue of Thermal Comfort and Air Quality and provides a solution to suit the customer's project.


To consider both economic and technical criteria of its customers, SNDC intervenes closely with their Designing Department. The purpose is to define, develop, test, assemble and deliver a complete system whose performance meets the operating conditions and the requirements of the customer.



The company developed an OEM activity right from the start OEM *.


The creation of a favourable working environment has become essential. User requirements have moved on in less than twenty years from a simple shelter to a cab interior that is both comfortable and safe.



SNDC offers to its customers a dual expertise:


  • HVAC specialist ** (air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, air distribution, air filtration and pressurisation)
  • System integrator (mechanical, refrigerating, aeraulics, electric and electronic)


SNDCFor the success of the project, SNDC analyses the cab’s heat exchanges in its working environment. The aim is to define each component of the system based on:



  • Required efficiency
  • Its location in the machine
  • Integration criteria (space, appearance, etc.)
  • The working environment (vibrations, environmental threats, degree of protection, etc.)
  • The size of serial productions
  • The cost objectives



SNDC has test facilities (climatic chambers) used to validate the efficiency of HVAC systems development by the company.




* OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturer

** HVAC : Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning