Control and regulation

SNDC wired control panels have been specifically developed for applications on agricultural machinery, public works machinery, industrial vehicles and utility vehicles.

They are available in 12 and 24 volts for 3 and 4 speed blowers offering a 6000-hour service life. They are equipped with a backlight.


Control PanelControl PanelControl PanelControl PanelControl PanelControl PanelControl Panel
part number370C03370C05370C09370C68370C70370C06370C10
voltage12 V12 V12 V12 V24 V24 V24 V
protection classIP 51IP 51IP 51IP 51IP 51IP 51IP 51
typeHeatingAir conditioning & heatingAir conditioning & heatingAir conditioningAir conditioningAir conditioning & heatingAir conditioning & heating
Heating valves
Control panels
type2 buttons2 buttons2 buttons + 1 switch2 buttons + 1 switch2 buttons + 1 switch2 buttons + 1 switch2 buttons + 1 switch
blower speed334333-
minimum temperature- 30 °C- 30 °C- 30 °C- 30 °C- 30 °C- 30 °C- 30 °C
maximum temperature85 °C85 °C85 °C85 °C85 °C85 °C85 °C

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SNDC cable control panels

Dial for handling comfort
Adjustment feature to adjust the control panel according the dashboard thickness up to 6 mm

Custom control panel

When the use of a standard control panel is not possible, SNDC will customize your control panel according to your needs and application. The SNDC control panel production and assembly concept offers multiple configurations without tool costs.