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This supply is suitable for all type of machines no matter the brand.

Made of all classic AC components, this Split version offers several mounting configurations.

The condenser unit ALIZE Slimline can be placed at the back of the machine and the evaporator unit can be easily fitted inside the cabin (to the rooftop, between seats or on the floor).

This kit is especially suited for over 4 m³ cabins.

The compressor and the motor are paired thanks to the original bracket adjustable according to the type of engine.

Installing both units (condenser and evaporator) and mounting the compressor bracket require skills in cutting and drilling of metals and in welding.

Available in 12 or 24 Volts.


BORA 6 to 9 Evaporator 1
ALIZE Slimline horizontal or vertical condenser 1
Original compressor bracket 1
Fastenings for the compressor bracket 1
Condensate drain pipe Ø 10 x 14 (per meter) 5
Electrical harness kit 1
Hose assemblies kit 1
SD7H15 Compressor with O’ring vertical outlets 1