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Split (Combine Harvester)


This equipment fits all types of combine harvesters whatever the model and brand.

Gathering all the components of an air conditioning system, ALIZE 10 condenser, large capacity, is placed at the back of the machine and the ARTIC evaporator is inserted into the ceiling of the cabin.

The compressor is installed in the engine block of the vehicle with a standard support which has to be adapted according to the type of engine. A control panel allows you to select the fan speed and temperature.

For the installation of the evaporator and the condenser as well as for fastening the compressor to the engine, it is necessary to carry out cutting, welding and drilling.

Available in 12V or 24V

Scope of supply

ARTIC evaporator 1
ALIZE 10 horizontal or vertical condenser 1
Original compressor barcket 1
Fastenings for the compressor bracket 1
Condensate drain pipe Ø 10 x 14 (au mètre) 5
Electrical harness kit 1
Hose asemblies kit 1
Control panel 1
SD7H15 compressor 1