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HD Compact unit


Gathering all the components of an air conditioning system, AUTAN HD (Air Conditioning only) and AUTAN HD Combi (Air Conditionning and eating) are designed to be mounted on the cabin rooftop. They must be connected to a compressor with 2 hoses.

The compressor is installed in the engine block of the vehicle with a standard bracket which has to be adapted according to the type of engine. You select the fan speed and temperature via the ceiling control panel.

For the installation of the AUTAN HD as well as for fastening the compressor to the engine, it is necessary to carry out cutting, welding and drilling.

AUTAN HD works in air recycling mode.

Available in 12V or 24V

Scope of supply

AUTAN HD Rooftop AC unit with horizontal outlets 1
Original compressor bracket 1
Fastenings for the compressor bracket 1
Condensate drain pipe Ø 10 x 14 (au mètre) 5
Electrical harness kit 1
Hose assemblies kit 1
Control panel 1
SD7H15 Compressor 1



Control panel



Fresh air filtration

Filtre a air

Air filtration through a double filter ensures that the polluted outside air cannot enter the AUTAN HD capact air conditioner.

Fresh air filtration and pressurisation

In addition to the filtration (naturaly, the cabin must be sealed), it is possible to use a positive presure system creating an overpressure (system compliant to ISO-10263-4 standard.

Primary filter Pleated dustproof high efficiency
Secondary filter Synthetic, efficient with low pressure drops
Nominal flow passing through the filter assembly 120 to 270 m³/h

Efficiency: compliant to International Standard ISO 5011 filtration.

Hydraulically driven compressor

The compressor can be belt driven by a hydraulic motor, for vehicles equipped by hydraulic system (e.g. Construction machinery).

this compressor can be fixed away from the vehicle engine block.

Two installation options :

Attached to the compact rear air conditioner

déporté / autonome

Deported or self

Specifications :

The hydraulic motor requires a flow of 55 to 60 l / min with a pressure around 180 to 190 bar for getting an ideal compressor rpm.