Air conditioning hoses



SNDC offers a wide range of hoses and rigid lines custom-made to suit your specific application. SNDC tests and certifies the installation of these connections and hoses in accordance with international standard SAE J2064.

Heater hoses made of EPDM rubber are specially designed to withstand heat, inclement weather and sunlight. They have excellent resistance to ageing and are reinforced to increase resistance.

Standard hoses

These hoses comprise a layer of synthetic rubber (CR), a layer of nylon reinforced with 2 polyester spirals and an EPDM rubber outer covering.

Hoses with a small external diameter

These hoses comprise a layer of synthetic rubber (CR), a layer of reinforced nylon braiding and a Butyl rubber outer covering. These hoses can be routed through narrow spaces.

Rigid lines

In situations where it is not practical to use hoses, SNDC can supply custom-built rigid heating and air conditioning lines. Whatever the tube diameter and type of connection, with or without a charging socket, small size, long length, any configuration can be produced.

Several types of surface treatment can be used, depending on your operating conditions (zinc plating, dichromate plating, nickel plating).

Heating hoses

When it is not practical to use standard heating hoses (hose pinching), SNDC can custom build hoses to suit your particular application.

There are lots of options available, whatever the interior and exterior diameter, small size, long length, (several metres), with or without fabric reinforcement and with or without a bleed valve.

Type Module Interior diameter Exterior diameter Reference
Hoses small diameter 6 7.9 mm - 5/16"" 14.7 mm 230A57
Hoses small diameter 8 10.3 mm - 13/32'' 17.3 mm 230A58
Hoses small diameter 10 12,7 mm - 1/2"" 19.4 mm 230A59
Hoses small diameter 12 15.9 mm - 5/8'' 23.6 mm 230A60
Hoses 6 7.9 mm - 5/16'' 18.3 mm 230A27
Hoses 8 10.3 mm - 13/32'' 22.4 mm 230A28
Hoses 10 12,7 mm - 1/2'' 24.6 mm 230A24
Hoses 12 15.9 mm - 5/8'' 27.7 mm 230A29
Heating hoses - 19 mm - 231A21
Heating hoses - 25 mm - 231A22
Heating hoses - 15 mm - 231A20
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