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Evaporators units


POLARIS integrated ceiling

POLARISPOLARIS evaporators units are designed to be integrated in the space between the roof and the cabin ceiling.


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  • POLARIS B : Air conditioning only


  • POLARIS R : Heating only


  • POLARIS Combi : Air Conditioning and Heating




BOREAL cabin evaporator

Evaporateur de cabine BOREALBOREAL cabin evaporator is designed for an installation against the cabin wall


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ARCTIC integrated ceiling evaporator

Evaporateur chauffage de plafond ARCTICThe in-ceiling heater “ARCTIC” is designed to fit in the double roof cabs construction machinery and agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters, loaders ...


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BORA cabin evaporator units

Evaporateur de cabine BORABORA evaporators are designed to meet various integration configuration in the cabin. They offer cooling powers ranging from 4,2 kW to 5,5 kW and a heating power of 7 kW.


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