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Monobloc electrical air conditioning unit

SNDC designs and supplies HAVC systems for cabins in agricultural equipment, heavy-construction machinery as well as industrial and utility vehicles.

SKIMO 12V or 24V DC electrical air conditioning unit

SKIMO12V or 24V DC electrical air conditioning unit, easy to install, designed for machines with limited space in the cabin or in engine compartment.


High performing, compact, easy to install and fits many adaptable to most machines. SKIMO air conditioning unit does not require a compressor.




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SKIMO 80V DC self-contained air conditioner

SKIMOAir conditioner SKIMO 80 Volts is designed for forklifts, industrial vehicles, utility vehicles and specific machineries on 80 Volts battery.





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SKIMO Plus single block air conditioning system

SKIMOSKIMO Plus (Ref 320B21) is fitted with a more powerful 24V electric motor that enables good performance at outside temperatures between +45° and +55°C for cabs between 3 and 4m³.





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Electrical air conditioning Split

SKIMO Split air conditioner

SKIMO SplitAll the benefits of electric technology with multiple opportunities for integration of a split system.




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SKIMO Split 80V air conditioning system

SKIMO SplitThe air conditioner Split SKIMO 80 Volts is designed for all-electric vehicle running on 80V battery which does not allow a roof-top air conditioning system installation (FOPS ROPS cabs, for example).




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SKIMO Split Plus air conditioner

SKIMO Split PlusSKIMO Split Plus is marketed in version 24V. It provides air conditioning for vehicle cabins with a volume of between 3 and 4 m3 for ambient temperatures up to +55 ° C.




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