Air diffuser



Agricultural machines, construction vehicles, industrial or utility vehicles are subjected to hight operating constraints. Diffuser reliability is an essential feature for these applications. SNDC air diffusers ensure the best operation.

Available at competitive prices, SNDC directional and closable air diffusers enable the flow of air to be adjusted to the required comfort level.


Height Width Length
26.9 mm90 mm90 mm

Standard or customised colours

Available as standard in black or two colours, SNDC diffusers can also be custom-built, for a series, in specific colours and your logo included on the air outlet.

Proven durability and longevity

SNDC air diffuser endurance has been tested on two automated test benches under various conditions and operating temperatures.

The first automated bench tests rotation (diffuser configured with guided rotation) whilst the second tests direction and blockage.

In both situations, up to 50,000 test cycles were conducted without the slightest failure. This figure of 50,000 cycles far exceeds the number of movements that an air diffuser may be subjected to during its lifetime.

Description Colour Min. temperature Max. temperature References
Air diffuser BLACK -35°C +80°C 370C42
Air diffuser GREY & BLACK -35°C +80°C 370C44

Adapter (ventilation duct)

Diameter Reference
Adapter (ventilation duct) 40 mm 370B70
45 mm 370B67
50 mm 370B68
55 mm 370B33
60 mm 370B69

Diffuser rotation support

Air diffusers can be linked to a guided rotation and an adapter for a ventilation duct.

Diameter Reference
76 mm 370B32
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