Specific equipment

Custom design

Design and manufacture of HVAC systems specifically adapted to the vehicl, to its operational requierments and to your specification

For quantities from fifty up to a few thousand units a year

Off-the-shelf based solution

Design of HVAC systems based on our standard products catalogue.

Wide range of Equipment and componants adapted to your operational requirements.

For quantities from one up to a hundred units a year

Development of a specific product dedicated to forestry
Development of a specific product dedicated to forestry

Supply of turn-key solutions

Design and supply of a comprehensive kit… HVAC units, compressor, accessories and hoses.

...based on a Thermal and Aeraulics analysis of the cabine and the environment, with respect to a specificated Thermal Comfort and Air Quality performance target.

Optimization of air distribution for temperature ramp up and deicing performance.

Supply of Equipment and components

A catalog featuring a wide variety matching various configurations (monoblocs, split systèmes, rooftop units, bluk units, horizontal, vertical...).

Louvers, control panel, heating valves, compressors...

Tools and charging stations.

Mining operations
Development of a specific product dedicated to mining
Development of a specific product dedicated to viticulture

Preliminary study

Based on the requirements specification, SNDC Design Office performs both a thermal analysis through modeling software and an archittecture analysis, in order to optimize the design of the systm.


SNDC builds a 3D CAD model for each of its designs, so as to validate assemblies mating, Moving parts path and accessibility for maintenance.

Development of a specific product dedicated to agriculture
Development of a specific product dedicated to the military

Prototype and Development Tests

The completion of tests on a prototype is a key phase for the development and turning of a HVAC system.

SNDC facility includes environmental chambers to reproduce hot climate conditions (+47°C/+117°F with humidity control and solar simulation capabilités)


SNDC is acknowledged as an Innovative Company by ANVAR (French National AAngency for Innovation) which supported SNDC in the development of one of its lastest innovations : the Air Conditioning Roof.

Handling and lifting
Development of a specific product dedicated to handling & lifting
Development of a specific product dedicated to aeronautics

Quality and services

Specification and design

  • SNDC brings in HVAC expertise to support the Customer regarding the system's requirements specification.
  • Joint Value Analysis with the Customer to optimise the overall cost of the cabin.
  • Design to coast

After Market

  • Technical training for Customer services network (dealer and aftermarket engineers)
  • Spare parts.
  • Distribution of HVAC dedicated Tools.

Customer assembly line

  • training for assembly line operators.
  • On-site technical support.
  • Continous improvement to ease integration at assembly.


  • Qualification of components.
  • Selection of world-class suppliers.
  • 100% of the products tested on testbench.
  • Proof of performance conducted according to relevant standards.

Development of a product dedicated to rail
Development of a dedicated port product