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Thermal comfort and air quality



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Design and Development


SNDC engineering department, dedicated in developing HVAC systems for vehicles and self-propelled machines, is specialised in:


  • thermal applications


  • aeraulics


  • electrical and mechanical system integration


Preliminary study

Implantation des composantsFrom the customer’s specifications, SNDC engineering department performs a thermal assessment using modelling softwares, as well as a layout study to optimise the design and architecture of the system .










Thermal and aeraulics modeling

Avant projetSNDC Design Department has means of modelling and designing in terms of cooling power, heat and air flow rate.


Thermal modeling takes several parameters into consideration to calculate exchanges between the machine’s cab and its environment: external temperature, hygrometry, wind speed, geographical operating area, surface area, orientation, color, thickness and thermal conductivity of the walls and windows, air renewal rate in the cab and required internal temperature.







Mechanical design

ConceptionIn the design process of SNDC engineering department is included a phase of 3D modeling (CAD) of the system components.


This modeling enables the verification of system integration (non interference with moving parts, accessibility for maintenance,) and is used to produce part and component 2D drawings for manufacturing purposes.








Prototypes and tests

Testing is a crucial phase of the development of AC systems. Development also implies a prototyping phase. These prototypes have to be qualified by our customers who are welcome in our tests rooms during testing.