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Thermal comfort and air quality

Custom design


Air conditioner harvesting machine

SNDC develops customised air-conditioning, heating air filtration and pressurisation systems for cabins in agricultural equipment, heavy-construction machinery and industrial and utility vehicles. This equipment is designed specifically to adapt to the machine, to functional constraints and to the customer’s specifications.


SNDC works "cost objective" and closely related to the design office of the customer.


The development sequence is as follows:





  • Develop specifications (in partnership with the client)
  • Thermal assessment
  • Thermographic assessment
  • Component selection and dimensioning
  • Selection of the best suited technologies (sheet metal, thermoforming, injection, etc.) for each component based on production run sizes and environmental constraints


Integration of components Design and dimensioning climatic chamber



  • Study of customer files (2D or 3D)
  • Creation of 3D assemblies (CAD software)
  • Design review
  • Customer validation of the project design



  • Manufacturing of one or more prototypes according to requirements
  • Fitting of the prototype on the cabin or machine to check interface and parts mating
  • Performance testing (heating or air-conditioning)
  • Validation of the prototype unit



  • Manufacture of the pre-production units
  • Definition and setting up of the production process
  • Additional testing if required
  • Technical support on the customer’s assembly line
  • Pre-production approval





  • Production management based on customer requirements (just in time, Kanban, Material Requirement Planning etc.)
  • Editing of assembly, inspection and despatch documents.
  • Documents handed over to customer