For more than 30 years, SNDC has been distributing the products of the world's leading compressor manufacturer

SANDEN's 7H15 and 5H14 series compressors offer mounting versatility for use in a variety of agricultural, construction and industrial vehicle applications.


cooling powerFrom 2 to 7 KWFrom 1 to 5.5 KWFrom 1 to 4 KW
weight8 kg8 kg4.5 kg
displacement154.9 cc/rev138 cc/rev99.8 cc/rev
number of pistons757
maximum rotation8 000 rpm7 000 rpm9 300 rpm
constant-speed rotation6 000 rpm6 000 rpm6 500 rpm
vehicles Agricultural machinery, public works and industrial vehicles

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SANDEN 7H15 and 5H14 Compressor Series

The compressor is the heart of the air-conditioning system. The compressor pulley is driven by the vehicle engine via a belt. When the air-conditioning system requires the action of the compressor, the electromagnetic clutch engages, driving the main shaft of the compressor. Sanden's 7-piston (7H15) or 5-piston (5H14) compressors provide smooth operation for unmatched noise reduction.