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Together we can develop a specification to suit your needs and specific requirements.

All these data allow us to lead to the feasibility study and the construction of a suitable technical and commercial proposal.

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Design and

All of our equipment is designed according to an established process and incorporated into a quality management system.

Integrate the HVAC system into your 3D environment, providing realistic rendering and time saving in design.

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and tests

Functional test prototype offering the technical and functional characteristics of the products to be serialized.

Tests in real operating conditions, to validate the input data, specifications and customer requirements (performance, use limits, aging, …)

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Pre-production and

Definition of the process of assembly and control of the system according to the rules and methods of SNDC Lean Manufacturing. Support of serial integration at the customer by SNDC teams.

Optimising this phase achieves customer satisfaction.

Standards applied

The treatment of air in agricultural machinery, public works machinery and industrial vehicles, is a source of comfort inseparable from working conditions, reducing fatigue and promoting vigilance. It is also a safety factor protecting the operator against exposure to toxic dust and pollutants, especially during phytosanitary treatments.

SNDC integrates into its project process the following normative requirements:

Thermal comfort Control and maintenance of cabin air temperature

Homogeneity and ergonomics of air distribution
Air conditioning Air conditioning Standards :
ISO 10263
ISO 14269

Test methods and criteria for evaluating the atmosphere in the operator’s enclosure
(Publics works and Agricultural)
heating Heating
defrosting and demisting Defrosting and demisting
Air quality Protection against dust, pollen and toxic products

Homogeneity and ergonomics of air distribution
ventilation Ventilation Standard : EN 15695
Protection of the operator against dangerous substances

Standard : ISO 3737
Test methods for pressure systems.
filtering Filtering
pressurization Pressurization
Operator comfort Ergonomics of the thermal environment Standard : NF EN 10551
Evaluation of the influence of thermal environments using scales of subjective judgments.

Main innovations

Roof-mounted air conditioning unit

The roof-mounted air conditioning unit brings all the air treatment, air conditioning and dedicated operator functions together in one compact unit:

  • Heating, air conditioning, filtration, pressurization, ventilation and air distribution
  • Radio, speakers, ceiling light, headlamps, wipers…

Operator advantages:

  • Increased visibility
  • Thermal comfort and Air quality
  • Performance
  • Accessibility and maintenance

Manufacturer advantages:

  • Simplified interfaces
  • Cab optimised overall cost
  • Quick and easy installation on the line

Specific electrical products

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Low voltage (12 V, 24 V, 48 V, 80 V)
  • Built-in compressor
  • Several versions (compact, split unit)

With 10 years’ experience in this field, our design and engineering office can respond to bid requests from manufacturers by offering specific solutions based on our standard range of SKIMO products.

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