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Climatic chamber

SNDC has climatic chambers to validate the performance of its air conditioning and heating systems.


They are used as part of the development process of specific designs for customers.


The climatic chambers can also be made available to manufacturers, or other companies, willing to conduct tests under extreme conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information concerning the use of these facilities.

AC tests room

AC test room

The SNDC AC test room can accommodate agricultural machineries, heavy-construction machineries and large vehicles for performance testing in accordance with applicable standards and the customer's specifications.



The test room can replicate outside temperatures (+55°C) and hygrometry (saturation) as well as the most extreme sunshine conditions on Earth.


Heating and Defrosting test room Heating and Defrosting tests room

A test room reproducing temperatures down to -30 ° C to validate the performance of the heating system and window’s defrosting quality and speed.


The tests are carried out on the cab equipped with the heating system and coupled to a thermal generator which supplies coolant and reproduces its temperature rise curve.


Size of the test room :

  • Length : 9,6 m
  • Width : 5,6 m
  • Height : 7,5 m
  • Volume : 403 m3