BOREAL evaporator



The evaporators of the BOREAL range offer maximum power for a compact size. In addition, their design allows seamless integration into the vehicle cabin.

Available in several voltages, the evaporators of the BOREAL range will offer you good refrigerating performances.

The range of evaporators BOREAL

Fully operating in air recirculation, BOREAL evaporators are equipped with dust filtration and an electric control panel, making them self-sufficient. Thanks to swiveling and swiveling SNDC diffusers, you can control the diffusion of air in the cabin.

A range of evaporators adapted to cabins

Adapting to most vehicles, BOREAL evaporators are positioned only in wall and vertically.

Activity area

BOREAL evaporators are particularly suitable for the following sectors:
- Agriculture
- Viticulture
- Construction and public works
- Highways
- Airports
- Handling, lifting and logistics
- Forestry
- Military
- Mining
- ...

A complete range

The range of BOREAL evaporators comes in several versions:
- 12V evaporator,
- 24V evaporator.

Our range BOREAL has a 2-year warranty

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect operation of the BORA, especially in the following situations BOREAL, en particulier dans les cas suivants :

  • Operation in wet environments
  • Operation in a high salinity environment
  • Operation in a high acidity environment
  • High-pressure washing and/or use of detergents
Model Voltage ext. operating temp. (air con) position outlet electrical power cooling capacity air flow weight REFERENCE
Air con
BOREAL 12 V +43°C VERTICAL - WALL ON FLOOR 122 W 4.4 kW (+43°C 50% HUMID. IMACA STANDARD 200) 510 m3/h 10 Kg 350B41
BOREAL 24 V +43°C VERTICAL - WALL ON FLOOR 122 W 4.4 kW (+43°C 50% HUMID. IMACA STANDARD 200) 530 m3/h 10 Kg 350B44
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