ALIZE 8 & 9


Due to their small size, the ALIZE 8 & 9 standalone condensers offer a good balance between volume and cooling power. They are suitable for most applications on industrial and agricultural vehicles.

The ALIZE 8 & 9 standalone roof-mounted condensers are dedicated to the harshest environmental operating conditions, vibrations, dust and temperatures. They are particularly suitable for industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery.


tension12 V24 V12 V12 V24 V24 V
cabin volume3 m³3 m³4 m³4 m³4 m³4 m³
external operating temperature (air conditioning)43 °C43 °C43 °C43 °C43 °C43 °C
cooling power4 KW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.4 KW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.5 KW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.5 KW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.5 KW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.5 KW, 43 °C, 50% HUMID.
weight20 kg20 kg20 kg20 kg20 kg20 kg
airflow1960 m³/h2060 m³/h1960 m³/h1960 m³/h2060 m³/h2060 m³/h
roof cuttingYesYesYesYesYesYes
positionRoofing - horizontalRoofing - horizontalRoofing - horizontalRoofing - horizontalRoofing - horizontalRoofing - horizontal
pressure switchTrinaryTrinaryTrinaryTrinaryTrinaryTrinary
power216 W240 W216 W216 W240 W240 W
vehicles Farm equipment, Commercial and industrial vehicles, Handling machinery

Informations complémentaires

ALIZE 8 and 9 stand-alone roof-mounted condensers:

- Large capacity condenser exchanger
- High-performance fans from 1960 to 2060 m3/h
- High efficiency filter drier
- Trinary pressure switch
- IP68 waterproof electrical connection

Installation & adaptations

- Easy mounting and assembly
- Electrical and refrigeration connections inside
- Suitable for use with BOREAL and BORA evaporators
- Compatible with refrigerants R134a and R1234yf

Business sector

Particularly suitable for the cabins of utility and industrial vehicles and agricultural equipment.

Technical qualifications

The ALIZE 8 and 9 standalone roof-mounted condensers have been extensively tested under the harshest operating conditions. Each ALIZE 8 and 9 standalone roof-mounted condenser is tested to ensure that its performance is maintained over time.

Our ALIZE 8 & 9 are guaranteed for 2 years

Warranty does not cover consumable or wear parts or damage resulting from improper use of the range, especially in the following cases:

  • Use in an abnormally humid environment
  • Use in a high salinity environment
  • Use in a highly acidic environment
  • High pressure cleaning and/or use of detergents