ALIZE 6 Condenser



This range of condensers, by its design, is recommended for harsh environments.

ALIZE 6 standalone condensers offer a simple and fast integration solution. They are compact and adapt to most cabs, and are available in several voltages.

The range of condensers ALIZE 6

ALIZE 6 condensers have been designed and manufactured for dusty environments. They incorporate a filter drier and two helical fans. In addition, the electrical connections of the harness are dust and watertight, with a protection rating of 68 (IP68).

A range of condensers adapted to cabins

They position themselves in many ways under the floor.

Activity area

- Agriculture
- Green spaces
- Viticulture
- Buildings and public works
- Highways
- Airports
- Forest

A complet range

The range of condensers ALIZE 6 comes in several versions:
- 12V condenser,
- 24V condenser.

Our range ALIZE 6 has a 2-year warranty

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect operation of the BORA, especially in the following situations ALIZE 6, en particulier dans les cas suivants :

  • Operation in wet environments
  • Operation in a high salinity environment
  • Operation in a high acidity environment
  • High-pressure washing and/or use of detergents
Model Environment Voltage Ext. operating temperature Position Electrical power Cooling capacity Air flow Weight Pressure switch Component option available References
ALIZE 6 HEAVY DUTY 12 V +45°C FLOOR 195 W 7.6 kW (+43°C 50% HUMID. IMACA STANDARD) 1740 m3/h 9 Kg TRINARY Dryer 340A51
ALIZE 6 HEAVY DUTY 24 V +45°C FLOOR 202 W 7.6 kW (+43°C 50% HUMID. IMACA STANDARD) 1860 m3/h 9 Kg - - 340B60
ALIZE 6 HEAVY DUTY 24 V +43°C FLOOR PANEL, VERTICAL 240 W 7.6 KW (+43°C 50% HUMID. IMACA STANDARD) 2060 m3/h 9 Kg TRINARY Dryer 340A55


It is possible to add, at the time of manufacture, a pressostatic safety.

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