This range of condensers, by its design and steel structure, is recommended for harsh environments.

ALIZE 14 standalone condensers offer a simple and fast integration solution. They are positioned horizontally (see photo opposite), and are available in several tensions.

The range of condensers ALIZE 14

Thanks to its entirely steel structure, which gives the ALIZE 14 condensers great robustness, this range is particularly adapted to harsh environments.
The condensers of the ALIZE 14 range include a dehydrating filter, two helical fans and a safety pressure switch (HP).
In addition, the electrical connections of the harness are dust and watertight, with a protection rating of 68 (IP68).

A range of condensers adapted to cabins

It is important to plan the location of the condenser, as it is positioned only horizontally (see photo above).

Activity area

- Agricultural
- Buildings and public works
- Forest

A complete range

The range of condensers ALIZE 14 comes in several versions:
- 12V condenser,
- 24V condenser.

Our range ALIZE 14 has a 2-year warranty

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from incorrect operation of the BORA, especially in the following situations ALIZE 14, en particulier dans les cas suivants :

  • Operation in wet environments
  • Operation in a high salinity environment
  • Operation in a high acidity environment
  • High-pressure washing and/or use of detergents
Model Voltage Position Electrical power Cooling capacity Air flow Weight References
ALIZE 14 12 V HORIZONTAL 216 W 5.1 KW (+43°C 50% HUMID.) 1960 m3/h 12 Kg 340A81
ALIZE 14 24 V HORIZONTAL 240 W 5.1 KW (+43°C 50% HUMID.) 2060 m3/h 12 Kg 340A01
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